Welcome to The Cairnmillar Institute.
Cairnmillar has played an extensive role in the mental health training and psychological treatment of Victorians


Several features distinguish our teaching programs from others:

Our close links to the community
Since its inception in 1961, The Cairnmillar Institute has been a strong advocate of psychology in the community, providing psychological, counselling and psychotherapeutic services, together with short courses. Consequently we have a robust and informed understanding of the psychological services that are needed by the community, which in turn ensures that our teaching is both contemporary and relevant.

Practitioner input
We have a several psychology clinics based at Hawthorn East, Highpoint, Whittlesea and Healesville. Students are often supervised by our practitioners in our clinics, working in partnership to further develop skills, while servicing the needs of our client groups. Many of our programs are taught by practising psychologists and counsellors. Therefore prgrams are informed by contemporary practice and real-life scenarios which are discussed in the classroom.

Innovation and Partnerships
Cairnmillar is delighted to have many partnerships with varying health and education agencies who contribute to our teaching and practice of psychology.

Students studying at Cairnmillar benefit greatly by commencing their careers in a rich clinical context, at an Institute with a distinguished professional history of clinical excellence. We look forward to you becoming part of this rich history and tradition in 2018.

More recently Cairnmillar has extended it’s services to include Organisational Development and Coaching Consultancy.

Prof Kathryn von Treuer
Executive Director